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AiGin ~~ <3

the premier Aizen x Gin LJ community!

AiGin <3
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'Cause evil, sexy men plotting and screwing together is fun. ♥


As far as I know, this is the first fanlisting geared towards the relationship between Aizen Sousuke and Ichimaru Gin! I ship them as a couple, personally, but anything is welcome in this community! <3


1. Be courteous! That means no flaming and that sort of thing.
2. All fanwork is welcome (please! *desperate*) but please place anything large/spoilery underneath an LJ cut.
3. Please include warnings for spoilers and fanworks that are yaoi, highly-rated, or not-worksafe.
4. As long as it's on topic about Aizen, Gin, or Aizen/Gin, feel free to post it! That includes communities that relate to these two as well.
5. You can post Japanese fanart sites - just don't use their art without their permission or proper credit. Thanks.


Have a community related to Bleach? Post in the community about it or e-mail me to affiliate!

ichihitsu -- Ichigo/Hitsugaya

ishidafansanon -- Ishida

sanbantaichou -- Gin

other links

Clandestine -- The Approved Aizen/Gin Fanlisting

the mod

galigaligaliko - That would be me, Gali!

Please note the icon and layout for this comm are from a Tsubacisou doujinshi (that I paid for, own, and asked permission from by her), and is to not be used by anyone else. Thanks.